Kristal Ice Builders

The Kristal Ice Builder is a unique Ice Builder in the industry in how it operates and produces ice.  The Ice Builder itself is built at our factory in Bromyard, Hereford, England and again like our tanks are built from 100% stainless steel on the inner structure and the outer skin of the Ice Builder has no mild steel at all. The Kristal Ice Builder contains two separate ice banks individually connected to each condensing unit. Ice production is formed in rings around each seamless copper tube. This maximises the ice surface area to provide chilled water at 0.5°. During each milking the centrifugal pump is activated to circulate a continuous flow of chilled water through a plate cooler. In just seconds milk is cooled from 35°C to 4°C. The water now warmed is returned to the bottom of the Ice Builder and distributed evenly across the ice bank using the unique thermal flow system for optimum efficiency. The Thermal Flow system is unique to our Kristal Ice Builders, eliminating the need for inefficient air blowers.

Construction is of the highest quality stainless steel available to support the inner vessel and to overall stability; it is a large, stainless steel box section frame. Expanded polyurethane foam injected in-between the inner and outer jackets guarantees maximum insulation and gives a strong and durable structure. Two banks of quality copper tubing sit horizontally across a vertical stainless steel box section frame to ensure a large reservoir of ice is available.

Benefits of Instant Cooling
  • – Lowest possible running costs – full utilisation of off peak electricity. No other method of cooling can beat instant cooling with Ice builders.
  • – Bacterial growth is rapid above 10°C. Instant cooling to 4°C at the plate cooler effectively controls growth and maintains quality.
  • – Double protection – peace of mind knowing there is a full ice bank prior to milking and further cooling system with direct expansion (DX) if required.
  • – Compressors start outside peak electricity / milking times ensuring even load.
  • – Smaller compressors enabling single phase options.
  • – No mixing of hot and cold milk.
  • – 24 hour milk collection – because the milk enters the bulk tank at 4°C, collection can be during or immediately after milking.

The Kristal ice builder incorporates a total energy management system (T.E.M.S.). This is an accurate self adjusting micro processor to ensure maximum safe usage of off peak electricity. It automatically adjusts the compressors running time every 24 hours to suit high and low milk yields. At your convenience, performance data for each compressor can be selected from the memory. T.E.M.S technology has been available for many years and has proven successful with several thousand UK installations to date.

Benefits of Direct Expansion (DX) Cooling

Here at South West Refrigeration, we are able to offer both cooling systems; being Instant Cooling and Direct Expansion. The benefits of D/X Cooling are:

  • – Lower capital expenditure
  • – Less space is required
  • – Rapid Cooling (though not instant cooling)
  • – Less Maintenance
  • – Single stage cooling

As we are able to offer both systems, we feel we can give our customers an impartial view on both systems, how they work and how they would for that individual customer. This way the customer can make an educated decision themselves based on our information, their budget and their requirements.

Model Kilos Condensing Unit Phase Tank Selection Litres Approx. Icebank Rebuild Time Length Width Height Length with Pump
KG1 500 1 x KR463 1 or 3 4000 1890 880 1625 2110
5000 7 hours
KG1 720 2 x KR353 1 or 3 7000 2500 880 1625 2725
8000 7 hours
KG1 960 2 x KR463 1 or 3 10,000 2500 1090 1625 2725
11,000 7 hours
KG1 1200 2 x KR623 1 or 3 13,000 7 hours 3050 1090 1625 3275
KG1 1500 2 x KR623 1 or 3 15,000 7 hours 3050 1300 1625 3275


Extended Tanks

In many situations dairy farmers have found themselves wanting additional capacity, but unable to fit a larger tank into the existing dairy without having to do additional building work. With this in mind, the extended tank was introduced, whereby a 500 gallon Bulk Tank, i.e., 2500 litres, could be extended both on the inner vessel and the outer vessel, the frame strengthened up to a capacity of 4000 litres. This has meant the same floor area is covered, it merely makes the tank taller. The same can be applied to any Fullwood tank and the maximum capacity that can be achieved is 6000 litres by extending a 750 gallon Bulk Tank. The great advantage of doing this, is that very often the existing pipe work and compressors can be used, thereby cutting down the cost of purchase and installation.


South West Refrigeration has exported tanks to Russia, Switzerland, Uganda, Georgia and various other countries across the EU. We can provide tanks of virtually any size whether merely on their own or refurbished and installed.

Ancillary Parts

South West Refrigeration can supply refurbished Plate Coolers Water Heaters and Condensing Units all equipment would have been refurbished and tested in our own workshop. We are also able to supply new condensing units in either galvanised or stainless steel – ranging from 1hp up to 40hp.

We can also provide retro fit complete tank washers or our Welba bulk tank and wash control system.

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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

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We are over the moon with the savings we are making. We have gone from hot washing 3 times a day with a heating time of 6 hours per hot wash, to washing twice a day with a heating time of only 2 hours per wash. We also use the water for domestic central heating and using to feed freshly calved cows. They will consume about four times more hot water than cold. This has reduced the number of DA (Twisted Stomach) significantly and this has greatly reduced my vets bills. The quality of the product and the team that installed it are a credit to South West Refrigeration