Stand Alone Tank Cleaners & Robotic Controller

Roka Controller – 9000s – Stand Alone

9000S Controller

The 9000S controller comes as standard with Roka RK-C and silo milk tanks, but is also available as a standalone unit for mounting on other tanks.

This makes the 9000s ideal for the control and management of all refrigeration and washing functions on your tank.

The 9000S has a 6-speed wash program which can be individually programmed for consumption of water and chemicals, allowing us to tailor the controllers’ setup to your water pressure and milk yield.

Also the 9000S is a perfect accompaniment for robotic cooling because of the possibility of its “quick wash” feature.

Integrated within the 9000S controller, are alarm protocols for the refrigeration and washing operation, ensuring peace of mind throughout the operation and alerting you to any anomalies in water usage, temperature, chemical usage etc.


Welba WTS-100-2 – Complete integrated Tank control unit

The WTS-100-2 from Welba is the flag ship in Milk Tank control systems, this unit is able to control the entire cooling and cleaning for any bulk milk tank out on the market.

This unit works with robotic as well as conventional parlours.

Available as a tank mounted unit encapsulated within a stainless steel shell the WTS-100-2 incorporates itself with the wash system and cooling controls and blends in with your bulk tank.

The WTS-100-2 offers a range of easy to use functions on Cooling and Cleaning, all accessible from the main display panel.

Milk Cooling Functions

The WTS-100-2 offers all the features of a modern milk temperature regulator, such as automatic agitation, two targeted temperature settings and delayed start cooling etc, with the added benefit of being individually programmed upon installation to your own requirements.

The WTS-100-2 also incorporates a cooling time monitoring system, which sets off an alarm if the milk quality is jeopardised in any way.

Cleaning Function

The WTS-100-2 washing timer control offers various programmes, as well as automatic water measurement. With its ability to monitor a large number of factors the WTS-100-2 ensures fault free operation.

All running times for the Heaters, Pumps and Chemical delivery are adjustable, allowing a truly unique control system setup for your own tank.

  • 3-character LED display
  • Switching status display for cooling and cleaning procedures
  • Sturdy, watertight foil keypad (Rated IP65)
  • 3 digital inputs for monitoring external components (Refrigeration, Water inlet, etc.)
  • Up to 2 sensor inputs with sensor monitoring
  • Automatic parameter storage with battery backup (no loss of data in the event of a power cut)
  • Water recognition via integrated level monitor


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We are over the moon with the savings we are making. We have gone from hot washing 3 times a day with a heating time of 6 hours per hot wash, to washing twice a day with a heating time of only 2 hours per wash. We also use the water for domestic central heating and using to feed freshly calved cows. They will consume about four times more hot water than cold. This has reduced the number of DA (Twisted Stomach) significantly and this has greatly reduced my vets bills. The quality of the product and the team that installed it are a credit to South West Refrigeration