Green Machine Heat Recovery System

South West Refrigeration have developed and produced their own Heat Recovery System aptly named The Green Machine. We have been able to take the knowledge that we have built over the last 35 years, my Father having made one of the first ever Heat Recovery Systems for on farm cooling and adapted this to what we believe is the best Heat Recovery System available on the market today. It incorporates a British built Grade A stainless Steel Buffer Tank that is available in a range of different sizes and this is linked to a Stainless Steel Braised Plate Heat Exchanger that gives us the flexibility of being able to mount this on the unit or in instances where the units are mounted outside we can remotely fit our Heat Exchanger inside ensuring that any water can be insulated and kept inside the building reducing any risk of freezing.

The package that we offer our customer ensures that all fitting is completed by ourselves. Whether that be indoor or outdoor taps linking up of existing water heaters or bypassing water heaters in a case of an udder wash system and being able to supply the Farmer a direct feed from our Heat Recovery System to eliminate the need for any water heating for udder washing and even cluster flushing.

The system works by absorbing heat from the gas. The gas will extract heat from either the milk or if the milk is cooled via an ice builder extracting heat from the ice water. The water is passed through a braised plate heat exchanger that absorbs the heat before the gas travels through the condenser. This ensures that we absorb as much heat from the milk as we can possibly extract. The heat is then put into our buffer tank or heat dump then the buffer tank will then act like a thermos flask holding that heat that has been extracted from the milk and putting that heat into the plant wash water heater at the time that the farmer requires. This ensures the maximum efficiency and the quickest fill times available to transfer the heat from our buffer tank into the farmers’ water heaters for washing the plant wash or for washing the bulk tank.

48 Hour Time Clocks

South West Refrigeration can also offer our customer the ability to control not only the heating but the fill time of their water heater if they are running on an Every Other Day collection basis. If the tank is collected on a Monday & a Wednesday our 48 hour time clocks can ensure that the system fills with preheated hot water just prior to the collection time for the bulk tank ensuring the absolute minimum heating time required. Then on the day where there is no collection, there will be no water fed into this from the Heat Recovery at all ensuring that we haven’t got a situation where water can cool down to an ambient temperature before it then needs to reheat again.

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Remote Office Heating

Something that we have been doing a lot of with our Heat Recovery System is using our Heat Recovery Water to drive a remote heating source. This is a very simple but very effective remote heating where we take the hot water from our Heat Recovery system and pass it through a copper heater matrix and run it back into the heat recovery system. We fit a room stat to control the temperature of the room and a time clock to control the pump. The pump will then run when the time clock allows it to and will then be controlled by the room stat to ensure maximum efficiency of temperature control within that room.

Moo Power

This is a step on from our very successful Office Heating System, where we use the energy generated by the cows that not only use it for heating water, we can also use that energy for domestic heating. In this case we use a set of valves that enable the farmer to dictate where the heat source is put. In other words during the winter the farmer might want 100% of the heat generated by his bulk milk tank to be transferred into his house for domestic central heating and during the summer he might want the heat generated to be able to be transferred into his hot water heaters to maximise the efficiency of the heat recovery system.

Heat Recovery PDF Download

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We are over the moon with the savings we are making. We have gone from hot washing 3 times a day with a heating time of 6 hours per hot wash, to washing twice a day with a heating time of only 2 hours per wash. We also use the water for domestic central heating and using to feed freshly calved cows. They will consume about four times more hot water than cold. This has reduced the number of DA (Twisted Stomach) significantly and this has greatly reduced my vets bills. The quality of the product and the team that installed it are a credit to South West Refrigeration