The UK’s only Welba Distributor

South West Refrigeration are delighted to be the UK’s only distributor for the Welba Wash Cooling Control System. The Welba Control System gives universal ability to be retro fitted to any tank of any size. It will control the full cooling of any bulk tank and will control the wash system whether this be on a timed basis or on level control, the Welba Controller will allow the engineer to have the flexibility of fitting this onto any system. All controls are programmed from the front panel eliminating the need for any laptop software system to programme the controls. The main wash pump is protected with a thermal receptable overload. Ensuring that if the pump freezes during the winter for example the customer is able once defrosted to simply press a reset button to restart the wash pump. All other controls are protected by fuses.

The Welba Wash Control is the most versatile, cost effective, retro fitted control system on the market today. The WTS-100-2 is an extremely compact control unit for milk-cooling equipment. It is based on the most up-to-date microprocessor technology.

The built-in milk-cooling regulator with automatic subsequent stirring controls all connected compressors and agitator motors.It also offers comprehensive options for optimum tank cleaning. Existing software modules can quickly be adapted to special requirements in this connection User-friendly operation, with 3 working levels.

  • – 3-character LED display
  • – Switching status display for cooling and cleaning procedures
  • – Sturdy, watertight foil keypad (front IP65)
  • – 3 digital inputs for monitoring external components (motor contactor, tap contact, etc.)
  • – Up to 2 sensor inputs with sensor monitoring
  • – Automatic parameter storage with no loss of data in the event of a power cut
  • – Water recognition via integrated level monitor

Ideal for subsequent fitting to existing equipment: The WTS-100-2 control system, pre-installed in switchbox (IP 65) for wall mounting. Contactors for the washing pump and heater are already built in and fully wired. All consumers are connected directly through terminals.

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We are over the moon with the savings we are making. We have gone from hot washing 3 times a day with a heating time of 6 hours per hot wash, to washing twice a day with a heating time of only 2 hours per wash. We also use the water for domestic central heating and using to feed freshly calved cows. They will consume about four times more hot water than cold. This has reduced the number of DA (Twisted Stomach) significantly and this has greatly reduced my vets bills. The quality of the product and the team that installed it are a credit to South West Refrigeration