Kristal Condensing Units

The Kristal condensing unit is one of the most popular condensing units cooling milk today. The comprehensive range has been specifically designed to operate in the cooling of milk. Reliability together with low running costs is constantly achieved each day. All Kristal Condensing Units are manufactured in stainless steel for maximum efficiency to contend with all weathers.

The Kristal condensing units have large condensers and big receivers this ensures that the condenser is running at maximum efficiency, even when during the summer time there is a lot of dust and pollen seeds that can get drawn into the condenser. The large receiver ensures that all gas can be pumped into the compressor. This is very important for any tank using a hot wash system.

  • 1. Condenser – 30% oversized to compensate if partial blocking by straw or debris occurs.
  • 2. Single phase options up to 5.5 hp.
  • 3. Floor space at a premium – choose a modular stacking kit at no extra cost.
  • 4. Low noise level.
  • 5. Condenser fins coated with vinyl for extra protection against corrosion.
  • 6. Servicing made easier by using stainless steel bolts.
Model KR153 KR263 KR353 KRS343 KR463 KRS453 KRS603 KR623 KR72Q KR104 KR124 KR144
Width 59 64 80 95.5 112.5 112.5 149
Depth 64.4 70 70 70 70 70 70
Height 50 56 61 61 80.4 80.4 103
No. Fans 1 1 1 2 2 2 2
Phase 1 1 or 3 1 or 3 1 or 3 1 3 3
Horse Power 1.25 2 2.9 4 5.5 6





South West Refrigeration have exported to Russia, Switzerland and Uganda and can provide tanks of virtually any size, whether merely on their own or reconditioned and available for refrigeration.

Ancillary Parts

Plate Coolers, Tank Cleaners, Micro Fadants, Water Heaters, etc. are all readily available and can be provided on their own or fitted, which ever the customer would prefer.

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We are over the moon with the savings we are making. We have gone from hot washing 3 times a day with a heating time of 6 hours per hot wash, to washing twice a day with a heating time of only 2 hours per wash. We also use the water for domestic central heating and using to feed freshly calved cows. They will consume about four times more hot water than cold. This has reduced the number of DA (Twisted Stomach) significantly and this has greatly reduced my vets bills. The quality of the product and the team that installed it are a credit to South West Refrigeration